Time To Fly Again

I have stayed in Fort Collins for nearly 5 months. In that time, I had an art studio, then I didn’t. I had a student, then I didn’t. I had a few jobs, then I didn’t. Why am I actually admitting certain things didn’t work? Because I have learned in my short time spent in America that failures are not the end of the world.  In fact, I can say for certain that failures are just the beginning of something new and different.  It begs for your life to be different.  Now repeating these same failures over and over again are very counter-productive and not very useful.  A good student will learn from his mistakes.  Master thyself.  Man, do I like that one.

When I revisited Santa Fe several weeks ago, I saw the magic that made me live there for 5 years, as well as my own shortcomings why I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to.  But I even ended up getting gallery representation because of one special characteristic that I treasure.  I don’t burn bridges.  Even though I was gone for a while, I left on a friendly basis, and that paid off with getting my first gallery representation ever.  Ever!


Anyway, it’s time to fly to Italy in a few days and I hope you’ll join me on my journey there too. More art, videos and humor to come. Ciao!

And it helps to bring a few postcards too.  If you like, I can mail you one too.  Just send me your address, ok?

One thought on “Time To Fly Again

  1. Michael Whelan

    Josh, sad to see you go, before I had a chance to see you again! Hope your travels to Italy are productive! I really admire your wander lust. I tend to stick in one place, that’s within my comfort zone! Good luck! We should be making another trip to New Mexico next month maybe! Something extra special in the atmosphere in that state!
    Postcard from Italy would be great! haha
    Michael Whelan
    1523 Jefferson
    Great Bend, Kansas 67530

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