Tired of holidays yet? Me too, so I have your simple solution here

It’s that time of year again where the de-evolution of the human species takes place in record numbers and goes a bit crazy at the malls.  Not to mention tv, radio ads, makes you want to live like a monk and retreat.  Well I can’t help you retreat but I can offer you a bit of holiday cheer as an artist should.  It’s colorful, unique and always puts a smile on your face.  No, it’s not that…or that…or that.  I’ll whisper to you softly…

Art makes the best gift ever!

I’m here to help sooth your nerves and remind you because it’s so hectic nowadays, you may be afraid to get bombarded by the Christmas hell-on-wheels-circus we all know.  Here’s what I have to offer before I start sounding like an infomercial.  I hate those too, so here’s something I hope you will love…

8″x10″ commissioned animal or pet portrait at $129…oil on wood (unframed) , included (USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia).  Sample below   Your way.  period. 

You will also get a special unique surprise from Korea I’ll include with your new painting.  December 8th is the deadline.

sample commission-“Daisy” (sold)  
Send me a great high resolution photo via email and I’ll send you a finished painting that will last you for many generations to come. To have it on time for Christmas, I must make a deadline to have the painting dry, varnished and shipped.  December 8 is the deadline for delivery by December 21!

I will keep you updated during the process.  You are part of this process.   I will send you an email/photo or even skype if you prefer of your art before it’s shipped to you.  If you are not satisfied, I will refund 100%. Your satisfaction is most important to me.

other options:  8×10 with brown/black wood frame – $175

                        11×14 with two headshots – $199

                        11×14 with two headshots framed – $275

*send me email or skype if you are interested in these other options please!


So here’s my solution for a more relaxing Christmas season, stay home, put on some good music and drink some hot cocoa while sitting with your family and looking at your new beautiful art on your wall.  If that sounds good to you, then contact me so I could get painting right away and send your new painting ASAP.  Sorry if I do sound like an infomercial, but I sometimes get overly excited this time of year…I need cocoa now.