To be a master of your own world


‘Study of Giorgione’s Laura’ 9×12, Pencil & Charcoal

To be a master of your own world requires you to be a master of your skills, your own mental powers and everything else you own up to be.  What makes you, really you.  No BS, no monkey business.  Just know what you are capable of and either go beyond that or stay away from it.  That’s where true growth comes in, to continue forging your own path, to continually push your envelope and refine your skills.  That’s a small part of what I was doing yesterday.  I’ve been studying under a master artist for the past 7 months, Mr. A.W. Lin from Taiwan.  Every week I go visit his studio in Yinnge where he and his gracious wife reside and make me feel at home.  They feel like they’re my grandparents, incredible nice people.  If you want to know why my art keeps getting better, I have to admit that it’s because of him, his dedication in helping me to become a better artist, that has allowed myself the freedom to grow and move in the right direction.

I drew this from a book of Mr. Lin’s, and found a painting by Giorgione called “Laura”.  I wanted to sketch it, and so I did.  Moving from sketches and without grids, I first found myself making her too fat.  I have done that many times in the past, and luckily my teacher pointed that out and then I saw it.  It was a great “Ah-ha” moment.  A simple tweak here and there can make all the difference.  I knew I wasn’t going to finish the whole drawing in one session.  And I had no problem in leaving parts unfinished.  My perfectionist nature wasn’t going to tell me what to do this time.  I already had my hands full with getting the humanity into the drawing and not just copying, but interpreting what I wanted to see.  You can see for yourself with the painting below, and you can see for yourself what changes I’ve made.  It was a great session.

PS – This drawing comes at an interesting time, because I’m going to visit Italy in two days, will stay for several weeks.  First time in a western country in over 4 years!  This is a dream trip and will learn a lot about art and life.  Stay tuned!