I’m looking ahead, not behind this time

‘We Watched After Christmas Day’ 8×10 oil on board $250

The last day of the year means something to me as I’m sure it does to you. Like every year, we tend to review in our minds the highs and lows, the dramas, and the circus of life we go through in our strange highlight reel that purges our brains.

But this time I’m not backing down so easily, whimpering another year of my life away hoping next year will be better.

No, I’m out for something different.  I new and improved mindset of conscious action, of replacing old, worn out beliefs that have held me back for too long.   In 2017 and beyond, I now expect something different.

I have never said this before a new year like this, so I not only want to end 2016 on the right foot, I want to start 2017 on the right and left foot.  To stay grounded while my dreams fill the skies without any ceilings.

  • I plan to do better paintings.  Scratch that.  They’re already good, I will improve and work on my craft with pride and honor.
  • I will live in a nurturing environment and surround myself with positive artists and other people who want to be with me.  I can’t live life without people on my side.  We are social creatures.  Though instead of partying this year into 2017, I am relaxing in my own place writing my blog and watching Star Wars.  But then I’ll get busy soon.  For example…
  • I will get my first portrait commission.  How?  By creating more work and finding the right clients.  Those right clients will love my work and want to keep it in their families  for generations.
  • I will visit or possibly live in the USA again.  It’s been nearly 5 years since I was last back.
  • I will take care of myself so I can take care of others.
  • I will learn how to have faith and trust myself.

This is my business plan.  It’s also the blueprints of my life plan.  Maybe this time, next year I won’t be alone by myself wondering where has my life gone?

The main reason I haven’t been keeping up my blog is that I’ve relocated to Danang, Vietnam in October to teach art at an international school.  I learned to teach art projects on a shoestring budget.  In the end, the job didn’t work out.  I’m faced with a future of options that seem endless.  But I won’t step backwards this time.  Whatever moves I make will be forward and deliberate.  I owe that to myself.  Life is all about progression, not regression.  Maybe you can relate?  So anyway here’s to a wild ride of painting and travel in 2016.

And to my audience who have been following my adventures, thank you for keeping up.  Life always seems to get in the way of everything, doesn’t it?  Just don’t forget the important stuff.  Family, friends, love, nature, and art.  These are the finest things in life.  I have exciting things coming up in 2017.  I will do some videos.  New paintings from Vietnam.  And I’m just getting started.  Here’s my first one available

‘Marble Mountain’
Oil on paper
$100 usd

and last but not least…


Focus just a little more

‘Jinhae Canal’
oil on w/c paper


There’s nothing better than to paint something that reached beyond your expectations. It’s always about the art first. You can have the best website, the best social media, the best newsletter, but if you don’t have the best art to back it all up then it’s just a load of fluff in my opinion. I believe focus is the key to success as an artist. We’re so encouraged to live an ADD lifestyle in our culture, to do a million things in a thousand minutes. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun to me. But sometimes you just have to step back. And it is vital that you do step back to gain some perspective. Sometimes even stepping away from the easel for a while. To take it all in and see which way you want to steer the ship. Do you want to paint more realistically or impressionistic? Do you want to use a 4 color or 6 color palette? Is it ok to throw away the painting and start again?

I focused on a single canal and the sunset and surrounding landscape accompanied it.  I focused in on what I want my viewers to see first.

I can’t answer those questions for you, it’s up to you.   Art is so individual that you should have faith and stay in charge of your own destiny.  Focus what means the most for you and take it from there.  See what being in focus does to your art.


Thank you for reading my post.  If you enjoy it, please share it with a friend or someone in a remote part of the world who could use a little art to brighten their lives. 

‘Prallsville Mill’ an old painting redone with new life


‘Prallsville Mill’
oil on board




I brought just a few paintings with me to Korea 6 months ago.  Just some small ones.  This was one of them.  One of my favorite scenes painted near Lambertville, NJ.  A few miles from my old hometown.  Prallsville Mill is a complex of old Colonial houses by the Delaware River build in the 1700’s.  I am most familiar with this type of architecture in my life.  So I painted several layers on top, to get a more rustic feel.  The house is redder, there’s more texture in the buildings, and I added a misty effect for a little mystery.  What do you think?

Also, I redesigned my site.  I consider my website more like a sophisticated blog, very dynamic as the homepage will change quite often.  Its simplicity and design is intentional, I hope you enjoy it.

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