Watcher of the Danshui Skies


First painting since moving to Danshui last week. This scene was painted out my window. I am remarkably lucky. I live so close to many places that are amazing. Within 5 minute walk, I can go to a traditional Taiwanese market, a temple, MRT, and the waterfront. I have an amazing view from my place where I could see the river and the town. There’s also a rooftop on my building I can go up and paint on. I’m learning all about gratitude, as I’m giving myself a chance to live in a great environment that is essential for painting.

I believe if you’re not happy where you live or are miserable about something, it will show up in your painting. I look at some of my earlier work and wonder why it didn’t get much attention or why the colors may have looked muddy. It’s because I may have been miserable too. Since moving to Taiwan, my work has been looking happier and more vibrant. It’s not that I was never happy before, but a painting is like a barometer gauging your emotional state. It does not lie. If you listen very closely, your painting can tell you where to go, what you have to do to make it great.

In my current painting, it didn’t take me 4 days to paint it, I chose to take 4 days because rushing the piece wouldn’t have brought me the results I wanted. I’m learning to be more patient with the process too. Showing color is showing some love to yourself and your world. Do you agree?