Whatever the Wind Blows

Whatever the Wind Blows 11×14 oil on panel

Whatever the wind blows, you must be ready for it. There are only two enemies that I consider real in my life, and that’s fear and doubt. The remedy for those villains are faith and action. And thus it came time to do an epic landscape painting that is not just a Colorado painting, but contains something more universal. It’s not just a park, but my interpretation of what I want to see in my park. For when you paint something, you have to take some kind of ownership because it is interpreted from your own eyes, mind, heart and soul. It’s not just a painting though it really looks like one. I look it as a visual manifestation of all the things you have learned in your life up until this point. It may have taken a few hours, or 10 hours, but in reality it has taken many, many years to paint this version. And I always welcome change, not painting the same old thing. I’m not a factory worker. I could never duplicate the same painting twice even if I tried. Your emotions, feelings, everything changes minute by minute, no matter how big or small.

I look at nature for answers

When you see a tree, is it the exact same color every day? Does the light reflect off the leaves the same way every day? Change happens as often as the world turns. No two sunsets are ever exactly alike. This is why I cherish each day. It’s a chance to start again. When I paint, I see things like it’s the first time. I don’t paint in a paint by numbers system. I use all my mental facilities to help the painting along, to see its potential. That’s part of the magic in painting. I have no idea what the end result, but what’s so important is to focus on the process. The process is life itself. It’s the journey, and when you enjoy the journey, I have faith that it will take you to your ideal destination. So if there’s ever a reason to cherish each day, it’s knowing that it’s a blank canvas, all ready for you to create something special. Now wherever the wind blows, that’s where I will end up. I’m meant to travel and paint, but there is no final destination. And to embrace change and trust yourself will help you go a long way.