When Love Smiles

9x12 charcoal drawing starts at $150 USD

9×12 charcoal drawing starts at $150 USD

I was participating in my first art show in over a year and I was displaying my portrait drawings for the first time, along with some new, smaller paintings. I wanted to focus more on the energy of my being so I became more calm and relaxed. Sometimes it is nice to step out of your comfort zone, that’s where a few surprises can appear.

This latest drawing came from someone I met at the show, sent me a photo and said she needed it for her mom’s birthday next week. I also got some new paper at a local store. Some heavy, smooth white paper and a few drawing supplies. I was going to do this in a portrait painting technique I learned in Thailand. I dipped my brush in charcoal powder for drawing and shading. The more powder you use, the darker it gets. It’s one thing I love about drawing, there’s no hiding anything, what you see is what you get. I’m very pleased with the results, took about 6 hours to complete. Now if I could figure out how to have it hung up on a wall without glass so there will be nothing dividing the viewer and art, then I would be really happy about that!